Download: Smoothboard 1.6

I’ve recently downloaded Goh Boon Jin’s Smoothboard 1.6 to drive my Wiimote interactive whiteboard. In my estimation, it seems to be the software that gets us closer than ever to primetime. Key IWB features like annotation, PowerPoint controls, and screen capture aim this software to compete directly with corporate players like Smart and Promethean. A floating toolbar with big, pen-clickable buttons makes it easy to change modes without running back to your PC to click a new setting.

In the settings panel, Smoothboard features some key enhancements that may prove to make the Wiimote-PC connection simple enough for average users. No more muddling around with the painfully slow Bluetooth Connection Wizard. Just press the 1 and 2 buttons on the Wiimote, and the software takes does the rest. I use a Kensington USB dongle to add bluetooth connectivity to my PC, so I’m stuck with the Wizard.

Smoothboard is shareware, and if you want to get rid of the nagging register window, you can buy a registration key for $29.99.

Smoothboard 1.6 Release | – The Wiimote Whiteboard.

WiiLearn Links 07/31/2008

Video of the day: Wii Fit parody

Karl Kapp shared this hilarious, ultra-sarcastic video from

Even with all the great opportunities that gaming opens up in the classroom, it’s always good to step back, laugh really hard, and admit that video games are just another tool available to teachers. I don’t have a Wii Fit, my wife wanted DDR instead. I’m just as bad in virtual dancing as I am in real dancing. The same is true with bowling on Wii Sports.

One of these days I’ll break 150.